Quadro disponibile per iPhone, ecco come controllare PC e Mac

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Spunta nell’App Store una nuova applicazione estremamente interessante per chi dispone di un iPhone, considerando che con Quadro potremo controllare più facilmente PC e Mac direttamente dallo smartphone.

Per farci un’idea del tipo di app di cui stiamo parlando, queste sono le sue principali caratteristiche:

  • Control your favorite apps thanks to 100+ built­-in interface presets• Add or remove functions from your personal interfaces• Customise how actions look• background (with colors, gradients or custom images)• size (7 dimensions)• icon (use symbols or artworks, 1600+ included)• Create new interfaces from scratch for native and web applications• Add multiple screens to a single interface to keep your tasks organized• Easily create macro sequences and automate your workflow• Type from your device to your computer with Keyboard• Glide and select text with the Smart Arrows• Launch nested actions in a snap with fluid gestures• Immediately recall your most used applications thanks to the Favorites section• Automatic connection to known computers• Share and install interfaces with a simple link• Long-press an action to get information about it• Connect multiple devices to a single computer (Star Trek mode)• Automatically assign icons to new actions• Global gestures for the most common commands (copy, paste, undo, redo and more)• Custom-designed UI sounds• Energy saving mode• Auto-recall of interfaces for software in focus• Compose your actions choosing among 9 action categories• Application (invoke menu actions (OsX only), launch shortcuts, launch iOs actions…)• Contacts (send messages, emails, calls…)• Text (create snippets, modify strings…)• Media (control audio/video playback)• Web (launch pages or perform searches)• System (sleep mode, display luminosity, empty trash…)• Windows (move application windows around)• Flow control• Scripting

Il download è disponibile in questa pagina.

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